Sunday, July 15, 2012

Polka Dots...

Madi loves polka dots.  She always has.  When we found this swimming suit we had to get it.  She looks so cute in it and I knew she's love it.  My ward has been INCREDIBLE at helping since my surgery.  They have had someone come for two hours, twice a day, Monday thru Friday.  My kids have LOVED it.  Every morning when Madi wakes up, she asks "Who's coming to my house today?"  Anyway, last Friday, Megan and McKinley came.  My kids adore them!  In the afternoon, we headed to the splash pad.  I should have grabbed one of my regular cameras, but just had my phone.  I took a couple but Madi would look away to fast so I gave up.  Easton is in the background.

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