Monday, December 5, 2011


The day before Thanksgiving my brother and his family got here.  Nicholas and Christina had to get some things taken care of so I watched the kids.  Poor Brenton didn't have a coat or shoes because they were in the car with Nicholas.  Lucky for him, (or maybe not) Madi and him are only ten days apart so he fit in her jacket and shoes.  Doesn't he just look handsome in pink?
Caitlin is a little fire cracker!  This kid has so much energy and didn't stop going the whole time they were here.  She would come bouncing up the stairs before anyone else was awake.  She couldn't sit still for a second!  
Madi LOVED having her cousins here and really took to Caitlin.  She always wanted to know where she was and followed her around the whole time.  She misses them and asks everyday for them to come play. 


We had an awesome Thanksgiving and even got two meals!  We started the day at mom and dad's for a yummy, early dinner there.  Easton is moving all over and enjoyed a new place to explore.  We will miss mom and dad while they are Cali for the next few months.  We hope they have a great time!  
After we left mom and dad's we came home to get going on our dinner here.  We had a full house.  Nicholas and Christina and their three kids came from WA.  Chris, Annie, Rick and Tiff came up from UT County.  It was so fun to have them all here!  I love having my siblings around.  We played games, laughed, talked, joked, looked at ads and had a great time.  We ate some delicious food and when we were all done, Annie, Christina, Tiff and I were off to Park City for an all night shopping adventure!  (Note to self... next year dress warmer, bring a blanket, cards or dice and drinks!)

Temple Square...

The day after Thanksgiving we braved the cold and the swarms of people to head to Temple Square.  It is so beautiful and even more so during the holiday season.  I love all the lights!  After walking for awhile we went into the JSMB to warm up.  The Empire Room wasn't being used so we went in there so the kids could play and run around a little.  I love this room.  It is the room we had our wedding breakfast. 
My kids adore their aunt Annie!  I love that she is somewhat close by but wish we lived closer.  Someday... 
I love Easton's big, blue eyes!  Such a handsome little dude! 
It doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, if Madi can get our phone, she will.  She knows how to work it and what games are hers.   
Here's the whole group (minus Caitlin and Brenton, they are playing).  We were thrilled to have Nicholas, Christina and their family come from WA and have Thanksgiving with us.  We have missed them since they moved up there and hope that they come back soon!   

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm thankful day 30...

I am thankful all that I have.  I am so very blessed and am looking forward to the Christmas season!

I'm thankful day 29...

I love that Madi's tells me on a daily basis... "snuggle mommy".  I could scoop that girl up and snuggle her all day!  If only some would clean my house while we snuggle, hmmm.

I'm thankful day 28...

I am thankful for the beautiful holiday season that we are coming upon.  I love the lights, the sounds and the smells.  I love to shop and wrap and give.  I love to watch people's excitement as they open their gifts, especially the kiddos.  But what I love the most, is the reminder of all our Savior has done for us.  I love telling my kids the story of Christ's birth.  I love feeling the Spirit as we walk through Temple Square.  I love the programs and firesides and the beautiful hymns we sing each week.  If only it was this way all year! :D

I'm thankful day 27...

I am thankful for a relatively healthy family.  We all get sick but who doesn't.  We are blessed to not have any major medical difficulties and I am so thankful for that.  My heart goes out to all that are battling cancer, struggling from a disability or any other chronic illness.  I usually only think to thank my Heavenly Father for my health when I am sick, so I just want the world to know how grateful I am for it!

I'm thankful day 26...

Today I am thankful for books, especially children's books.  I love to read, so naturally I am thrilled that it has rubbed off on Madi.  She LOVES for us to read to her and most of her favorites have come from a book club that I love.  Since I brought it up, I am going to give it a little plug... 
I have told many about this book club. It is great! Your first order you can get at least 8 books for $31.57 and then you just have to buy 2 more books over the next two years.  They run deals and sales all the time and they have a lot of book bundles that give you multiple books but only charge it as one.   Plus they have a friend referral program.  For each friend I refer, my kids get two free books.
My first order I bought the following:
1. Pinkalicious
2. Purplicious, Goldilicious and Silverlicious  (book bundle)
3. Three Fancy Nancy books (on a bundle)
4. Trucktown Smash Crash
5. Collection of 5 Bernstein Bears books
6. Pajama Pirates
7. Best of Dr. Seuss (contains 13 stories)
8. Rainbow Fish
Total for 28 Stories: $31.57

My second order was on a free shipping and discount sale...
I bought the Littlest Dinosaur and Littlest Dinosaurs Big Adventure for a total of $6.99 + tax

And my third was the same deal...
I bought Trucktown Garage Tales (has 3 stories) for $3.99 + tax

Super great deal if you want to expand your book collection for your kids or your classroom. 

Madi's FAVES: Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy and the Trucktown books

CLICK HERE to go to the website.