Saturday, March 31, 2012


My mom went to Hawaii and sent these for the kids.  Madi loves hers and twirls around in it every time she wears it.  So stinkin' cute!


Here are some random pictures.  Madi LOVES skirts, but this is her favorite!  If I would let her, she would wear it every day.  I think it is because of all the colors. 
Derrick is responsible for making our ward directories.  Since I wouldn't let him go when he wanted to, I said I would help.  So, Easton and I went to the church on a Saturday morning while Derrick and Madi took care of some things.  Easton LOVED the library.  He played with crayons, emptied the recycle bin, played with books.  He was thoroughly entertained! :D 
I found this shirt on clearance.  I think it was probably from Valentine's Day.  It says "Lock up your daughters"!  I think he looks super cute! 

Our weekend...

Last weekend we had a blast with Chris and Annie!  I love our weekends with them, just wish they were more often. :D  Anyhow, we went down Friday night and Rick and Tiff came for dinner.  We roasted marshmallow eggs and chatted.  It was great.  Saturday Annie's work, DCFS, was putting on an Easter Egg Hunt, carnival and 5k run.  She was so gracious to let us join her.  Madi LOVED it and both her and Easton made out like bandits! 
Madi got a fleece blanket, a jump rope, silly putty, a Tinkerbell rag, play dough, lots of candy and so much more!  Easton got PJ's, three cars, a truck, a Woody rag, a puzzle, a dinosaur, lots of candy and so much more!  They both were loving it!!!
Madi waiting in line with daddy for her first carnival game, the ping pong toss.
She did great, but didn't win a gold fish.  Lucky for her, she did get a "princess crown"!
Doesn't she look so cute in her princess crown?  It matches her beautiful, blue eyes. :D
Easton wanted to play too...
The Easter Bunny ran the 5k.  Madi was so excited to see him and the rest of the time kept asking me were he was.
Madi let Easton try on her crown.  He was so funny.  What a sweet little guy!
My baby is turning into a little boy, it seems like over night. 
Pretty sure these are two of the best looking guys EVER!!!  I'm so lucky! :D
Madi tried, but didn't knock them over.  Good try though, Madi!
Easton loved the Easter baskets and sat and played with his and Madi's.
"Hunting" for eggs...
Some of the loot...

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Easton is our hungry boy.  He never seems to get full.  He LOVES to feed himself and is wanting less and less help.  He likes to know what he is eating.  He will take it out of his mouth, examine it and then put it back in to eat it.  Such a cutie!
I made Little Miss Madi a skirt out of one of Derrick's old shirts that is too small for him.  I like how it turned out but I think I am going to have to tweek a few things and make her another one. 

Splish Splash...

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather the last week and a half.  It has been great for the kids to be outside and I have loved being able to get my garden ready.  Last week I was weeding my strawberries and looked over to see Easton trying to drink the water that had accumulated in our water sink over the winter.  It was dirty and gross, so we cleaned out the sink and filled it with fresh water.  It kept them entertained for at least an hour!  Both of them were thrilled to splash and play in the water again.
Oh, Easton also ate the dirt.  TOTAL BOY!!! 
Madi found her turtle... 
and Easton got his drink... 
Madi played on the slide for awhile and Easton kept trying to climb up it.  She would slide into him and he would fall on his bum and laugh hysterically before doing it again. 
Madi played with the water cups and got a "brilliant" idea! 
Easton didn't think it was so brilliant. 
Since I told her she couldn't dump it on Easton, she started dumping it on herself.  She loves the water and neither of them cared that it was cool water and only 70 degrees.   They LOVED the warm bubble bath that followed! :D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toy Story on Ice...

Madi LOVES ice skating, so when Disney on Ice came this past weekend, we had to take her.  It was just a special Madi thing, so we left Easton with Grandma and Grandpa.  Madi was thrilled to see it and loved every minute of it.  As soon as it ended she asked if she could watch another one.  Maybe next year kiddo!
Poor Madi was sick and came home and started throwing up.  I'm glad she was able to go and enjoy the show and I'm REALLY glad she is feeling better. 
After the show we went to get Easton.  We had some pizza and were getting ready to go.  Madi went to Easton and so sweetly hugged him, patted his head and said "have a good time".  I told her he was coming with us and she said "Eason wannoo stay wif gwamma and gwampa."  She was pretty distraught and even shed some tears when we explained that we were bringing him home.  Easton must have understood too, because as soon as Madi told him bye, he headed straight for dad and clung to him.  He had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, but he was ready to go home! :D

Our climber...

Our little Easton is every where!  He loves to climb and because he loves to climb (and probably the size of that noggin') he seems to always have bruises on his forehead.  He is just as fearless as his sister.  He loves to play rough with anyone.  Poor little Griffin in our ward has been "attacked" several times and Easton thinks it is so funny.  Easton got his second tooth and I can see the tip of his third one.  It will be coming in any day.  He is still sweet and cuddly with me which I love, and "mama" is still the only word he has said.  He waves hi and dances when there's music.  He LOVES to see pictures of people he knows and LOVES music.  He wants so bad to be Madi's best friend and loves when she plays nice with him.  His favorite time of day is still when daddy gets home.  I'm pretty sure he is his biggest fan! :D

My ballerina...

Madi is my little ballerina.  She LOVES to dance.  Target had their ballet costumes on clearance so we snagged this one.  As soon as I put it on her she asked for "ballerina shoes".  She would wear this all day, every day if I would keep it washed.  She even wants to wear it to bed.  She dances and twirls around on her tip toes all day.  I love that she loves to dance and as soon as she's old enough, will enroll her in lessons.  The other day Guire was over and she asked him to dance with her.  She was devastated when he told her no!  Such a tender heart for that boy.  :D


I am loving scouts and so is Madi.  She gets so excited every time we go.  A couple weeks ago we went on a field trip to the fire station.  Madi was in awe of the big trucks!  She was so excited to "drive" the fire truck when they let them climb up in.  She looks so little in there.
Here's our little group.  We had as many kids as we did scouts.  I LOVE the other den leader and have so much fun with our boys.  It has been a great calling! 

Two surgeries???

So I have not blogged for almost a month and I am SOOO behind.  First, an update on me.  I have finally gotten off the couch and been able to get some things done.  I got my results back from my nerve test and my MRI.  I have severe carpal tunnel in my wrists and three herniated discs in my lower back.  The pain was getting worse and worse so, I went to a pain management clinic a week ago.  I got an epidural and I am pretty sure it was the best thing I've done all year!  It's not a labor epidural and was a piece of cake.  It was easier than a flu shot and hurt less too.  They sedated me and then numbed the injection site before doing the epidural.  The relief came right away and lasted a few hours before wearing off.  The next day the injection sites (I had three epidurals) were sore and I had a small amount of pain in my leg if I was up too much and my leg tingled some but for the most part it was feeling so much better.  Each day I have been able to do a little more and be up a little longer which has been so nice.  On Tuesday I started to feel the pain move to the right side.  I can feel it in my butt and if I am up too long then it starts down the back of my leg.  No worries though.  I scheduled an epidural for the right side on the 30th (the doctor is at conferences until then).  I am hoping that they continue working, at least for awhile.
I have a sinus infection (surprise, surprise) so I talked to Sandra, my doctor, about shots versus surgery while I was there Monday.  She actually has two herniated discs, so she talked to me about what she is doing.  It is a fairly new procedure called radio frequency therapy.  They insert needles and send heat waves through them to temporarily deaden the nerve to ease the pain and burn away the tissue that has come out of the disc.  It takes several treatments, but over time, it gives the same results as surgery, with little to no recovery time.  Super duper fantastic!  Sign me up!  So, I am going to try this and hope and pray it works so that I won't need surgery. 
As for the wrists, I think that I am going to wait until next year for the surgery.  We are going to switch insurances and the cost will be about half the price of what it would be this year.  So, no surgeries for me, at least not for awhile. :D