Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue and Gold...

...or red and blue???
In scouts this year we are learning about our flag and our country.  So, we had a very patriotic blue and gold.  Andrea made it look incredible in there and has done an awesome job to get some of the neatest ceremonies for our boys.
 One of the things our boys did was write why America is special to them.  There were two reasons among our group.  First, because we are free and second, because we win wars.  Amen, boys!!!
Thank you for all your hard work, Andrea!  It was fantastic!!! 

A windy weekend...

Last weekend we had 50 degree weather.  We thought it would be a perfect day for a picnic at the park and it would have been if the wind hadn't been blowing.  It made it so cold.  We ate our sandwiches and let Madi play anyway.  She was thrilled to be at a park.  Can't wait for warmer weather!
The twisty slide was her favorite! 

Roseola and a cowgirl...

My poor little Easton got Roseola.  He had a high fever for a couple days and when the fever broke, the rash appeared.  At first I thought he was teething, because Madi got a high fever when she teethed.  After much research and talking with other parents, he matched all the signs and symptoms of Roseola.  I am glad he is feeling better and sleeping better.  Now if those teeth would just come in. :D  On a side note, Easton has said his first word... MAMA!!!

Madi is such a diva.  She loves to accessorizes and as we go through the any store, she grabs anything in reach; bags, hats, jewelry, makeup, polish.  I love having a girl!  She is so fun.

My strength...

I have been waking up with numb hands and having them go numb when I use them for the last couple of years. I was supposed to see a neurologist but since it didn't cause pain, I put it off. A little over a month ago I started getting a lower back ache which quickly advanced to a shooting pain down my butt and leg. It's happened before so I figured it would work itself out in a day or two. After having it be consistant for a week, I finally called a neurologist.

I had nerve tests done on my arm and then went back to have that done on my leg. The arm was uncomfortable and hurt some but was fine once it was done. They take a prod thing and send shocks at different strengths and measure how your nerves react and then get a needle (a big one) and insert it in different spots and send shocks through that. When I got my leg done, it increased the pain. It was excrutiating while he was doing it and hasn't decreased since. 

I went back last week for results. I have severe carpal tunnel in my arms and need surgery on my hands. My Aunt Jalene had this seven years ago so I asked her about it. She said it is totally worth it. Recovery wise, you can't use your hands for a week, so Derrick will have to do EVERYTHING for me. (poor guy :D) We have decided to wait on this surgery until my back is taken care of since it is causing pain. 

As for the leg, I feel like it is getting worse. I had a MRI today and should get my results tomorrow. It is something in my mid to upper back. The last week has been really difficult for me.  I am such a baby when it comes to being sick or having physical pain and I am done with it. When I have situations like this I try to turn it over to Heavenly Father and gain all my strength from Him. While He hasn't taken my pain, He comforted me greatly this morning as I read from one of Sherri Dew's books. I want to share what I read...

I am a chosen woman of God. I am noble and great, courageous and determined, faithful and fearless. That is who I am and who I always have been. Understanding it can change my life, because this knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated any other way.

I am so grateful for everything my mom taught me and for the Gospel in my life. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that I can turn to for peace and comfort whenever I need it. As much as they suck, I am grateful for trials, because they remind me that He KNOWS me individually and that He LOVES me as an individual.

From the mouth of a babe...

Madi has been coming up with some of the funniest things and some things that have been making me crazy.  A couple weeks ago on our way home from church we had a conversation that went about like this...
Madi: Jesus is my father.
Me: Jesus is your brother, Heavenly Father is your father.
Madi: Jesus is Easton?
Another conversation we have almost every day is in regards to my aching butt and leg. 
Madi: You're leg hurt, mama?
Me: Yea.
Madi: You're bum hurt, mama?
Me: Yea.
Madi: Oh dawn it. (I can't help but love the way she says it.  Her tone is so sincere!)
One of the things I love about Madi that also makes me a little bit crazy sometimes is her bravery and her independence.  She has a whole lotta both!  We read a little bit in a parenting book about dealing with temper tantrums and minding and so on.  The book gave the following scenario...
You're at the mall and your toddler wants a happy meal.  You say no and a she has a melt down.  The advice, turn and walk away.  The theory, your kid forgets about the happy meal and is now just concerned about where her mom has gone or is going.
My reality...
We went to the mall with our good friends, Chani, Guire and Nash so Chani and I could get out and the kids could play a little.  After an hour or so we went to the food court to get a couple drinks and feed them some snacks we had brought.  Half way through, Madi wanders off.  I turn to see what she is doing and she had gone to sit with a family a few tables over that had three girls, the middle one about her age.  I ask her to come here.  She leaves her cookie at their table and comes over.  I told her she needs to stay with me and to get her cookie and come back.  She heads over and plops down in her chair and starts chatting.  Seriously kid???
On our way out of the mall the kids played on the rides.  Madi LOVES them and wants to play on them every time we are at the mall.  The kids played for a 15 or 20 minutes and then we told them it was time to go.  Of course they weren't ready.  We told them good bye and started out.  We hid around the corner, watching as Guire ran, crying, to Chantel.  When we opened the door to get Guire, Madi poked her head out of the bus, smiled, waved and said "Bye, mama!"
Another funny... Madi loves the movie "Dolphin and a Tail"  (Dolphin Tale) and her "murf moobie" (Smurf's) :D!

Be mine...

What's a holiday without some fun new crafts?
Of course I did my Wood Connection ornaments.  (I actually got them for my birthday in September but am just now blogging them. :D)
I try to make my Valentine card for Derrick every year.  This is the one I did this year.  I actually like how it turned out.
 and, some blocks, inspired by my latest addiction, Pinterest. :D

The writing on the wall...

...and the toilet seat and the couch!  Madi has become our little Picasso.  She only likes pens and markers and loves to color on everything EXCEPT paper!  I find new things every day that she has made "pretty". 
With this last one (going up and down my stairs), I told her I am going to do what her grandma did to me. I had to scrub it off with my nose! I rubbed her nose on the wall for a second to show her how it felt and told her if it happened again she would have to get it ALL off with her nose. I hope that it worked because she was pretty distraught when she told Derrick she didn't want to clean it with her nose. It has been almost a week and I haven't found any new art work, so fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yesterday I went back to the doctor for the nerve test on my leg.  I am pretty sure that he made my nerves angry because the pain has been at least double since I left yesterday.  I can't wait until next week when I get my results and hopefully find a solution to the pain in my butt (literally)!  Anyhow, the kids had to be in the stroller while I was having my test done and Easton hates the stroller unless it is moving.  It was his nap time so I gave him a bottle which didn't suffice.  I had a back up, a sucker.  Guess they are better than a bottle.

A week of firsts...

On January 30th, Easton got his first hair cut.  He was starting to sport a bit of an afro poof up top, so we grabbed our sheers and buzzed most of it off.  He got the same cut as his daddy (since I don't know too many others :D)
I think it turned out cute.  He looks more like a little boy instead of a baby.  Also that day, he crawled up the stairs all by himself for the first time! 
Another first for him was his first tooth!  I was starting to wonder if he had any in there. :D  The best part of teething... all the slobber.  (or was that the worst part?)  It poked through on February 2nd.
We went to the mall later that day and he got to play in the mall play area for the first time.  He LOVED it!  It was nice because there weren't any other kids playing in there with them so he could roam and go and I didn't have to worry about him getting stepped on. 

Spring Fever...

At our house we have a severe case of spring fever.  We want to be outside and play at the park and go to the zoo but it's just too cold!  Last week I bundled up the kids and we went out to play.  We all needed the fresh air and especially Madi!  Look how thrilled she is to be outside!
She ran all over.  I taught her how to play tag.  We kicked and bounced the balls back and forth.  We shot a few hoops.
My little Easton boy can barely move when he is all bundled.  He just kind of rolls.  He reminds me of the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka. :D 
But, he was still happy to be outside and watching Madi and I run.
I love her smile.  She can be such an angel!
Easton managed to scoot over to the grass.  The ball lured him there but once he got over to it and found the snow he was ready to learn about something new. 
You know how babies learn?  Yep, their tongue.  He bent right down and took a few licks. 
He must have liked it because he went down for some more.   
Madi did not want to go in.  We put Easton down for a nap and grabbed her car.  She rode around until Derrick got home.  She is so ready for the weather to get warmer so she can play outside all day, every day!