Thursday, April 19, 2012


Easton has reached many milestones the last couple weeks.  On Sunday he started clapping.  Last Friday, he started pointing.  He has five teeth and one more that is so close!  He knows what he wants and makes it known.  Yesterday he pointed out the window several times throughout the day.  Around 4:00, he started throwing a fit and kept pointing out the window.  I finally figured it out.  He wanted to play outside.  He was happy in an instant!  He has also started to walk the last couple weeks.  The only takes about four or five steps and then falls.  He's been doing this for two weeks or so.  I am just waiting for him to take off.  I can't believe that he will be one tomorrow.  Where does the time go?


On Saturday Derrick went golfing with his dad.  He lost his keys.  He searched for over an hour before coming home.  We were going to head back out so I could help him look at the 18th hole and check the place they stopped to eat when his dad called to say they had found them.  We decided to go get them and visit for a bit.  We love that they are so close and that we are able to spend time with them. 
It had been raining most of the afternoon.  On the way home, Derrick hit a puddle on the freeway and hydro-planed.  He started going right and crossed two lanes and then he over corrected and hit the cement median with the front and then the car bounced off and hit the back end on the median.
SCARY!!!   I am not sure if Easton was sleeping when it happened or if he was knocked out when the back end hit or what, but he didn't make a sound for at least a minute.  Derrick and I were both yelling his name over and over before he finally started to cry.  I have never been so terrified in my life.  As soon as he cried I felt like I could breathe again.  I got out and grabbed Madi while Derrick grabbed Easton.
A sweet couple pulled over and let us sit in their car while UHP came.  Derrick had to stay and fill out paperwork so they took me and the kids home.  The whole way home, Madi kept saying "Don't drive faster." between panicked sobs.  It broke my heart.  Then, for the next two days, she kept asking "What daddy do to my car?"
On Monday we went to clean out our car since it was most likely totaled (still waiting on confirmation that it is but UHP, the tow guy and the lot guy all said it was).  Madi was freaking out.  She was crying uncontrollably the whole time we were there.  I had no idea it would effect her like that or we would have never taken her.  Anytime we have get in the car she grips her car seat and repeats over and over "Don't drive faster." I wish I could help her understand.
Here is our car at the lot.  They tried to pick up the big pieces off the freeway...
No of us were seriously hurt.  Easton and Madi both have a couple small bruises were there car seat straps were.  Derrick has some scratches on his arm and I have a bruise were the seat belt was.  Here is a picture of my seat belt bruise (except it was all down my front and across my lap/hips).  I also have a bruised foot and hand.  I am so very grateful for a safe car and safe car seats.  I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that watches over and protects my family.  This could have been so much worse and I am just so thankful it wasn't more serious.  


Little Miss Madi got her tonsils out last Friday.  They were huge, almost touching!  I am hoping that it will help her sleep better. 
We checked in and went to the waiting room.  The lady checking us in had given Madi some pages to color and a highlighter.  Madi put them on the table and got up in the chair.  She leaned forward to color and slid right off the chair, knocking her head on the corner of the table.  She had such a big goose egg from it.  The poor kid! 
Here she is, all prepped and ready for surgery.
She did great.  The nurses all loved her.  She came home and napped.  When she woke up, she was wired!  I thought the codeine would knock her out but no luck!  She normally sleeps 12 hours a night but I don't think she even slept 6!  We was awake by 6:30 on Saturday morning and wouldn't stop talking.  She was bursting with energy that whole day.

Is it summer yet???

The kids got a little money from Grandma and Grandpa for Easter so we went and picked out their pool.  Madi was so excited she could hardly stand it.  She wanted it up right now.  It was about 75 degrees, still a little too cool, but I figured she would splash for a minute and decide it was too cold.  We set it up and she jumped right in.  She went down the slide several times.  She splashed and had a great time.  I had to make her come inside and take a warm bath or she would've been out there all night!
Easton wanted to get in too but as soon as his feet touched the water, he was done! 
At least for a minute.  He kept trying to get in and then wanted to get out as quick as he got in.  I would take him out and he would try to climb back in.  Silly boy! 

Dying Eggs...

This is the first year that we have dyed Easter eggs with Madi.  She thought it was great!  Derrick got a tye dye kit which was kind of fun.  We only did a couple that way.  There are a lot of pictures, but Madi is just so cute that I couldn't narrow it down.  Love this kid!!!

The missing pictures...

These are the two pictures that were missing from the last post.  Here is our little Thumper.  She is so soft and cuddly. 
Easton is learning to be soft with our bunnies.  (Madi took this picture and did a great job.  I have a budding photographer! :D) 

Baskets, Hunts and Thumper...

In order to help our kids understand the true meaning of Easter, we do the worldly part on Saturday.  Since we were going to the city's Easter Egg Hunt, we bathed the kids and got them ready before we let them see their baskets.  Here is Easton's...
...and here is Madi's. 
They both got a little spoiled this year and we decided we need to cut back on the Easter gifts next year.  We got the books on clearance and joined the Disney Movie Club so the movies were 20 cents, so it's not like we spent a ton of money on them, but we don't want to set that precedent. :D
Madi LOVED her barbie and Easton was thrilled about his ball.  (He is all boy!) 
Playing with Tinkerbell's brush.  He loves brushes lately, big ones, small ones, it doesn't matter. 
My sweet little girl.  She was  so excited about her new Barbie.
Easton thought the eggs were pretty cool since they rattled. 
After  our baskets we went to the city Easter Egg Hunt.  We got there way early and the kids were so anxious to get started.  They both got a kite and lots of other things.  Madi got three gaudy rings.  There were two girls behind us and neither of them got rings.  I asked Madi if she could share and she didn't even hesitate before pulling them out and handing one to each girl.  I am so proud of her for being willing to share!
After the hunt was over we met up with mom and dad for lunch.  Then went to their house for an Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids LOVE to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  They especially love going outside with Grandpa to see the birds and dogs that are out there. 
I can't believe how quickly my boy is growing up.  Wasn't he just born last week? 
I am in love with that toothy grin!  He has the sweetest little laugh too! 
They are both pros at hunting for eggs and candy now.  This was their third of the year! 
Madi was funny.  She had to open each thing before she would pick up her next.  Must have been because there weren't other kids to compete with. 
They each got more than enough candy to last them awhile!
And they didn't take long to get started on it.  Easton was eating one after another until I took it away.
After leaving there, we went to pick up Thumper, Easton's bunny.   (For some reason, two pictures didn't load and I don't want to mess up my pics so I will post them in another post.)
Easton playing with Hopper.  He LOVES the bunnies and is starting to be a little softer with them.  Hopper is a little more willing to come around him now that he isn't so rough.
Looking for his bunny... 
I had some left over material from Madi's kitchen stuff, so I decided to make the kids Easter stuff out of it.  I need to take some better pictures, but here they are before church.  Madi loved her dress and was so excited to finally be able to wear it.  I thought it turned out pretty cute. 
My little guy in his first full tie.  (I had originally planned on him wearing a bow tie, and I made one, but didn't like all the buttons on his shirt.  He needs a jacket or vest for a bow tie.  Maybe next year.)