Thursday, May 31, 2012

How many more???

Years ago I read that the average number of car accidents in a lifetime is 3.  My brother, who is full of random facts, just told me that it is 7.  Either way, I've had my fair share.  If I count even the little ones, like today's, I have been in 15.  Yep, 15 accidents and I am only 30.  CRAZY! 
Anyhow, I was driving home from the doctors today and I saw a truck go off the freeway into the grassy shoulder.  At first I thought it was teenagers getting a off road thrill, but I looked over and saw the truck rolling.  It rolled four times.  This picture doesn't show how bad it actually was.  The driver said he was fine, but was brought to the hospital just in case.  As for my part, I was in the far left lane and some of the debris hit my windshield.  It looks like someone took a pop can and slammed it on my windshield.  There is a big circle in it.    The guy didn't have any id so the cop is assuming that he isn't insured.  Hopefully that isn't the case.  They had to go to the hospital and talk with him and then they will mail me the info.   

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stats and things to remember...

Easton had his one year checkup on Monday. He weighs 25lbs. 6 oz. which is the 76th percentile and is 29 3/4 inches long which is the 53rd percentile. He is growing quick and they said he is doing great. He says mama, dada, raaar and honk. He is super chatty and I'm sure he will be talking our ear off in no time. Easton is a cuddly one, which I love. He walks all over and is so proud of himself. He claps and dances and sings and adores his sister. His favorite thing... FOOD!!! He loves to eat just about everything. So naturally, after his shots, when the nurse brought in suckers, he stopped crying and grinned at her.
Some funny things Madi says and does...
Madi loves to sing. She knows tons of songs and is constantly asking Derrick and I to sing. Her favorite song is I Love To See The Temple. One that I love for her to sing is Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam. Why??? She is pretty sure that Jesus wants her for a sunbeep. :D
When Madi got her tonsils out she slept in our room for a few nights. We made her a nice, comfy bed on the floor. This last week, she has been falling asleep in our room and then Derrick moves her to her bed so that her and Easton can both go to sleep without keeping each other up. After a couple nights of that she started saying "I want mine own one." It took me a few times to figure out that she wanted her own bed in our room. Silly girl!
We are getting new animals at our zoo. The new exhibit opens June 1st. We are super excited. The news has been following the animals as they arrive and we have been watching their news feed. The other day at dinner I asked Madi to tell Daddy what new animals we are getting at the zoo. She said "A polar bear and a sea seal." :D We are getting sea lions, seals, polar bear, grizzlies, otters and bald eagles. We are so excited to see them!
Madi's favorite thing to ask is "Who bought/made/give it to me?" I answer and she'll say "Oh. that's so nice of ____." Her favorite phrase is "Oh, that's right." and she says it at least 30 times a day. It is super cute the way she says it. If you ask her to do something and then ask her again, she very defiantly says "I AM!"
Another thing that she has started since getting her tonsils out is saying to me several times a day "I don't feel good. I wanna snuggle mommy." How do you say no to that?
I love these kids. They keep me on my toes and bring so much joy to our lives and home.

Here comes the sun...

We have had beautiful weather this week and have totally taken advantage of that, spending most of the last three days outside.  Here are some pics from Tuesday of the kids playing in the back yard.  There were too many that I couldn't pick a favorite so there are ALOT!
Easton liked splashing in the water.  He even got brave and took a few steps closer. 
He didn't love that. :D 
He is walking all over the place.  He walks at least as much as he crawls, maybe more. 
Easton loves this little slide and has recently figured out how to get up and down it all by himself. 
He kept going down on his belly.  Cute kid! 
I LOVE this one.  I love that he is getting old enough that Madi actually wants to play with him from time to time.  I love how much Easton adores her.  If she is sad, upset or crying, Easton gets sad, upset or cries.  If she is mean to him or yells at him, he is heart broken.  He loves to see her and play with her.  I hope that they will be best friends someday.  They are the most beautiful little ones ever!!! 
Such a brave little girl...
Easton is clapping for Madi.  If you say "good job" or anything along those lines, he stands up and claps.  Love it!!!
Madi is going to be our little soccer star.  I can't wait until she is old enough to play.  She loves to play soccer. 


Madi got invited to her first birthday party.  It was a luau.  She was pretty nervous at first but after some coconut bowling, thought it was alright for me to leave.  She had a great time and asked the next weekend to go to another one.  Cute girl! 

Our new car...

A couple weekends ago we got our new car.  We got a 2004 Nissan Maxima.  We love it.  It came from an older couple that totally babied it plus it was under miles.  The best part is that it didn't cost a fortune and we won't have payments. :D

Yummy Strawberries...

I am super excited for our strawberry patch this year.  We have dozens and dozens of buds and green berries growing.  Now I just need to buy a net to keep those pesky birds away! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Since I am so behind, I am combining all my randomness into one, big post!  I still haven't been able to get a picture of Madi and Easton together in their Easter outfits so I thought I'd try again on Sunday.  I stuck them by the fence and before I could get back enough for a picture, Easton was off.  Madi looks pretty cute though!
Easton is starting to learn his boundaries and is quite the mischievous little one.  He likes to "help" with the dishes.  The best time to do him is when he is napping. :D
NOTE TO READER: If you have a weak stomach, skip this part...
The other day when Derrick was cleaning the bunny cage, Easton went to see what he was doing.  Easton loves to look in the cage and see the bunnies.  He sticks his fingers in and lets them nibble the tips and then laughs and laughs.  Anyhow, he sat down and picked up what must have looked like a brown M&M and popped it into his mouth.  YUCK!  Derrick was right behind him, so he didn't even get a chance to bite down on it before Derrick had it out of his mouth.  SOOO GROSS!!! 
He is a good little sharer.  Want a bite of his sandwich? 
As soon as he gets in his seat he pushes himself back from the table and kicks his foot up there.  Derrick said he got that from me, because I put my feet on the dashboard.  :D 
I just found out that one of our FAVORITE people doesn't have her phone anymore, so she probably didn't get our birthday text message.   
Happy late Birthday, Mindy!!!  Hope you had a great birthday.  We love you!!!! 
Easton in Madi's new car seat.  She was super excited about the pink.  She kept asking to sit in it.  She wanted to keep it inside so she could sit in it to watch movies. :D 
I have been messing around with my fabric scraps and came up with this dress.  It looks so cute and springy on her.  I am having fun trying to figure out how to create my own patterns. 
We left a bowl of cheese balls out and Easton found them.  I'm pretty sure they were a hit... 
As I said, I am trying to make some new things using a homemade pattern.  While that has been fun, it also has it's draw backs.  I was super excited about this top for Madi.  She tried it on and it is one or two sizes too small.  Sad day for me!!! 
I LOVE that toothy smile of his!  It is so sweet.  I just want to kiss his little face off!!! 

Pool time already???

On April 24th, it was over 80 degrees. My kids got a new pool for Easter from Grandma and Grandpa and had asked to play in it almost every day since. So, we took advantage of the sunshine and filled up the pool. By the time afternoon came, it was almost as warm as bath water. They thought it was great! Madi was in and out, but I had to drag Easton away when it was time to go in. He would've stayed all night if I'd have let him.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

So, on April 20th, my baby turned one.  He is my BIG boy! (One year old stats in another post).  He is wearing 2T clothes in this picture.  He is such a sweetheart.  Easton is a very cuddly and lovey little boy.  He loves to gives hugs and kisses.  He lays his head on your chest and pats you with his chubby, little hand.  It is seriously so cute.  He loves to be held and always wants to be part of the action.
Easton LOVES to eat and he totally has a sweet tooth.  He snagged an Oreo for a pre-dinner snack. 
My pictures are out of order because I used two different cameras. (After the Oreo, we played outside and then came in to open presents and have cake.  The outside pics are at the bottom.) 
Easton is a TOTAL boy and he loves balls, cars and trucks. 
He got a football... 
...a basketball... 
...a piggy bank to start saving for his mission... 
Little miss Madi was SOOO excited about Easton's birthday that she opened BOTH of his wrapped presents.  It's a good thing Easton is too young to care. :D 
His cars were a hit with both of them.  They are the kind you can pull back and they go.  So much fun!!!  
After lots of present fun, we decided it was time for cake.  I was going to make a super cute construction cake and a mini one for Easton, but I am pretty sure there were less hours that day.  :D Maybe next year...  (I will post a video later.)
He liked the flame.  Good thing His Auntie Annie was right there to blow it out. 
He really liked his cake, didn't even mind it wasn't decorated.   
All done... 
This is earlier in the night.  Easton loves to play outside.  He really likes his pool.  It was in the 80's that week, so we filled it up.  When we went out, he headed right for the pool to splash in the water.  He leans over the side and just splashes as hard as he can.  Silly boy!
Easton's first present of the night...
Madi wanted to show him how to do it.  I love that she is such a good helper!   
Easton loved his big Tonka truck.  He pushes it all around our house. 
Madi liked it too. 
After the newness of the truck wore off it was back to the pool.   
Uncle Chris thought it would be fun to dip him in the water.  Easton thought it was great! 
 Bye, bye...