Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Slumber Party...

We decided it would be fun to have a little sleep over in the back yard.  So, last Friday Derrick grabbed a pizza and a camping chair for our little man and we headed out back for a fun night!  Easton loves his new chair.
Of course Madi needed a picture in her chair too. 
Yummy pizza!!! 
The kids played while Derrick and I played a game.  Madi jumped and Easton pushed this around for a while. 
Easton is drawn to water.  My friends dumped the yucky pool water for me on Wednesday, but there was just enough sprinkler water for him to get soaked! :D 
We got the sleeping bags out, brought out a TV for a movie, popped some popcorn and dumped in a favorite... peanut M&Ms.  Love the sweet and salty! 
Easton stuffed so much in his mouth that he gagged and threw up in our big bowl after only one or two handfuls.  Bummer for Derrick and I. :(
Me and my kiddos!   
As soon as Easton woke up, he headed for Madi's popcorn bowl that had a few M&Ms left in it.  Look how happy he is! 
Madi slept great!  Derrick decided he's sleeping on the grass next time. :D 
Cute hair! 
Good thing daddy left his hat when he ran for donuts. 
Our poor Easton got eaten alive.  This picture doesn't show how big they really got.  He had about ten on his face and neck.  Next time we will bath him in bug spray first.  Poor kid! 

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