Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!!

Since living in West Point, we have made it a yearly tradition to go to Party at the Point for the fourth and have been lucky enough to have family join us every year.  This year was no exception.  My sister, Rachel, was here from TX and Chris, Annie, Andrew and Holly all came up too.  I love spending time with family and my kids love seeing their aunties and uncles.  We started with the parade...
Rach took Madi across the street for the best spot on getting the candy.  It helps Madi to be by herself so the bigger kids aren't pushing her out of the way to get the candy. 
Easton liked seeing everything but didn't quite know what to do with the candy. 
Waiting for more... 
After the parade we went to the park.  Easton tried out the bounce house for the first time.  He LOVED it!   
Madi won a princess crown at the fish pond and got a star and a heart painted on her cheeks. 
We played BINGO and Andrew won a camera.  Then went home for a little bit.  We headed back for dinner and Madi wanted to climb the rock wall.  I wasn't sure if she actually would, but she was super excited. 
Derrick helped her and she pulled herself up.   
At this point he let her back down.  She informed him that she was not done so he let her try again. 
Just hangin' around...
Rachel wanted to climb it too.  She has a fear of heights so we asked if she would be able to do it.  She started saying how she's done this before and it isn't a big deal.  Must have been a bigger deal than she thought though, because this is as high as she went. :D  
Madi was really upset that she couldn't do it all night.  Derrick told her that she already did it two times and that was enough.  She bawled and bawled! 
We went to the playground for awhile since we had a long time before the fireworks.  Easton LOVED the sand and sat and played for a long time. 
Then he spotted this.  He went over and climbed it several times.  He actually did really good! 
Love that kids tongue hangin' out.   
Playing with his buddy... 
Kayden played with Easton for a little bit and Easton loved the attention.  Kayden is one of the oldest of seven (he's a twin, I think his brother is older).  He is going to be an incredible dad someday.  He is so good with kids. 
Easton spit up all over his clothes so we stripped him down.  After the park, we went to our blanket to chat and relax before the fireworks start.  The kids were playing in the field.  Madi would tell us "I'll be right back, ok?" and then run out to play.  She would come back a couple minutes later and say the same thing and then go play.  She did this for twenty minutes or so.  We got Easton in his pj's and I went to get Madi so we could put hers on her.  When I looked up, she wasn't in the field.  I had seen her just two minutes earlier so she couldn't be far.  We all spread out and started looking for her.  Next thing we know they are calling over the intercom "We have a little girl named Madi that is looking for her parents.  Please come to the white sound table."  That was totally on the otherside of the park!  After we got there, Madi said "I just wanted to see the music."  She had gone to see the band.  Totally scared me to death!  I sat on the grass and cried while I held her and we listened to the music.  One of my totally irrational fears is that one of my kids will be kidnapped.  I know it is crazy and SOOO unlikely, but it's true.  Anyhow, after that we made them stay on the blanket, watched the fireworks and had a great night.  Thank you West Point City!!! 

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  1. That is a very nice comment about Kayden. He really is great with little ones. One of my biggest helpers with the little twins. We love west point days! And way to go Madi for trying the rock wall!!